Alumina catalyst carrier extruded catalyst carriers gamma alumina catalyst carrier and alpha alumina catalyst carrier catalyst support

γ-alumina α-alumina catalyst carrier support

What are the raw materials for the catalyst carrier?

  • Diatomite
  • Activated carton
  • Silica gel
  • Activated alumina
  • Gamma Alumina
  • Alpha alumina
  • Pseudoboehmite powder
  • SiC
  • TiO2
  • Zeolite Molecular sieve( zsm-5 beta zeolite Y zeolite ssz-13 zeolite etc.)
  • and so on


We produce various extruded carriers including solid extrudates, hollow extrudates, trifolium extrudates, quadrifoil extrudates, papilionaceous extrudates etc. Alumina is the common raw material of this carrier. The main physical properties are as following:


Bulk density:  0.450.8 g/cm3

Pore volume:  0.50.8 cm3/g

Specific surface area:  150350 m2/g.

Catalyst carrier sphere

The sphere carriers are mainly alumina and magnesium oxide base. The appearance includes micro-sphere, standard sphere, oval sphere, porous-sphere, ribbed sphere and so on. The main physical properties are as following:


Diameter:     1-8 mm;

Bulk density:  0.61.0 g/cm3

Pore volume:  0.51.0 cm3/g

Specific surface area:  150350 m2/g.

Ring and cylinder catalyst carriers

We adopt the most advanced technique to produce ring and cylinder carriers with the raw materials of alumina, magnesia, various composite oxides and so on. The appearance includes raschig rings, single hole or porous cylinder, ribbed cylinders with single or multi holes, cylinders with flutes etc. Compared to the traditional technique, the new technique makes the products more uniform, which strengthens the following process (e.g.: carriers impregnated) and increase the service life of the catalysts.

The main physical properties are as following:



Diameter:     5-35 mm;

Bulk density:  0.41.3 g/cm3

Pore volume:  0.10.5 cm3/g.

Cellular texture carriers

Mainly use alumina as the raw material and the appearance includes rectanglar, circular, oval and so on. The hole density is around 40-400 holes/inch2.

High strength TiO2 titanium dioxide spherical catalyst carrier

High purity SiC silicon carbide catalyst carrier 

Nested protective agent proppant

Talc ring carrier

It is a V2O5-TiO2 series of supported catalyst carrier.

Ceramic foam filter flate


Catalyst support media

Gasoline hydrogenation catalyst support media


Environmental catalyst support media


Honeycomb ceramic catalyst support media


Residual oil hydrogenation catalyst support media


Bed Grading Insert topping media NiMo based catalyst used for protection of main bed hydrotreating catalyst


0.8-8mm gamma alumina alpha alumina Sphere shape alumina catalyst support

γ-alumina microspheres crystal form carrier 

0.04-0.1mm 0.1-1mm alumina microspheres catalyst carrier

We can custom catalyst carrier according customers requirement.

We can produce all kinds of catalyst according customers requirement.




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We can customize the production of various catalysts according to customer requirements.

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