High strength TiO2 spherical catalyst carrier

High strength TiO2 titanium oxide spherical catalyst carrier

Strong acid and strong alkali resistance is a good carrier of the catalyst under the bad environment.

Technical parameters of high strength TiO2 titanium dioxide spherical carrier

Item spherical carrier(mm) TiO2 Rutile Anatase Packing density (g/mL)
Parameter ф4~6 >95% <5% >95% 1.35-1.50(average:1.45)
Item BET(m2/g) Pore volume(ml/g) Pore radius   Compressive strength  Broken rate
Parameter 15~20 0.15~0.18 170~200 >120N <1‰

Note: This product is resistant to acid and alkali environment, including wastewater treatment, suitable for harsh environment as a catalyst carrier, according to user needs can make spherical, cylindrical, clover, clover, Raschig ring shape.