gamma alumina fiber

Gamma alumina fiber γ alumina fiber

γ-Alumina nano-fibres

γ-Alumina nano-fibres is more outstanding than Alumina nano-powder as catalyst and functional material. The former is good heat resisting and difficult to collapse in high temperature. The technical information of them is shown in table below.

We are able to bath process the Alumina nano-fibres under 100℃, then get γ-Alumina nano-fibres after calcination. 

Gamma alumina fiber γ alumina fiber technical information

Sample Surface area(m2/g) Pore volume(m3/g) Pore size(nm)
γ-Alumina nano-fibres I >300 >1.0 >15
Alumina nano-powder <200 <0.8 <10
γ-Alumina nano-fibres II >350 >1.5 >20


Gamma alumina catalyst carrier