Alumina support Chloride adsorbent

Alumina support Chloride adsorbent activated alumina removal chloride 

  • LS104 alumina support chloride adsorbent is an adsorbent used to adsorb and remove chloride from Naphtha, natural gas, H2, N2, NH3, CO, CO2 & other feed gas in petrochemical.
  • It is good effeient to remove chloride

Activated alumina removal chloride ball information

In petrochemical production process, chlorine in feed gas could cause poisoning of a variety of catalyst and adsorbent, the failure of adsorbent & catalyst performance, severely corrosivity of devices & equipment, so chlorine removal is necessary. Usually, we adopt solid antichlor to remove chloride in feed gas.  LS-104 alumina support chloride adsorbent is an high- efficient product to take off chlorine.

There are series types-Pellets(LS104P) and beads(LS104B)

Various size available for the international condition.

1/8” (3.2mm), 3/16”(4.7mm)

Characteristics of alumina support chloride adsorbent

  • Uniform size
  • Even and Uniform activity under high and low temperature
  • Good water resistance and strong strength
  • Uneasy movable active components & chlorine after reaction
  • Wide application area 

Working service of Activated alumina for removal of chloride

  • Working temperature:5-400℃
  • Working pressure: ordinary pressure- 0.8MPA
  • Space velocity: 1000-3000h-1
  • Bed height-diameter ratio: >3
  • Dechlorination ratio: ≥99.9%
Item Unit Technical requirement 
Appearance White bead
Particle   size mm 3-5mm, 2-4mm
AL2O3+promotor % ≥93
Bulk   density g/cm³ 0.75-0.8
Surface   area ㎡/g ≥130
Pore   Volume ml/g ≥0.4
Penetration of chlorine capacity(50℃) % ≥12
Penetration of chlorine capacity(250℃) % ≥22
Crushing   Strength (N/Particle) N/particle ≥85