High purity low sodium boehmite alumina boehmite powder

Boehmite, the molecular formula is γ-AlOOH (hydrated alumina), and its main component of α-AlO(OH) bauxite are the main components of bauxite. It can be used as flame retardant, decomposition above 400℃.

Our boehmite feather is in low sodium content, good mobility, soluble in acid-based solution, in the air has strong water absorption. The main purpose can be used as ink absorption agent, catalyst carrier, synthetic material flame retardant, printed circuit board insulation flame retardant, paint, rubber, plastic filler.


High purity low sodium boehmite:

1. As a blotter material can be applied to RC photo paper, light box, wide format printing, film and other inkjet printing materials, the substrate can be PE, PP, PET, PVC and so on.

2. As an additive can also be used in coatings, ceramics, textiles, paper and other industries.


Diaphragm coating with boehmite:

1. Has sufficient chemical and electrochemical stability, will not be corrosion of the electrolyte.

2. With excellent insulation, the battery heat dissipation when working, effectively blocking the current.

3. Plate structure, after coating a gap, does not affect the penetration of lithium ions and diaphragm permeability.

4. Small size, uniform particles, can effectively reduce the thickness of the diaphragm coating and ensure the uniformity of the thickness.

5. Excellent heat resistance, effectively improve the diaphragm in the lithium battery heat dissipation when working.

6. Low hardness, reduce the coating material on the mechanical wear.


Item Al2O3≥(%) SiO2≤(%) Fe2O3≤(%) Na2O≤(%) L.O.I≤(%) D50(um)
LS-BS-01 83 0.025 0.01 0.025 16.95 15-30
LS-BS-02 82 0.03 0.012 0.04 17.1 30-50

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