What is Alumina catalyst carrier or catalyst support?

What is alumina catalyst carrier (catalyst support)? Which company can produce catalyst carrier? What powder can produce alumina catalyst carrier?

Alumina catalyst carrier is also called alumina catalyst support. Gamma activated alumina  is the represents of alumina catalyst carrier. 

How to produce alumina catalyst carrier?

The material of Alumina catalyst support is pseudoboehmite alumina powder, after 600-700℃ calcination, with different process, it could become strip, beads, ring or others shapes that can produce according customers requirement.

  • Catalyst carrier is peculiar to the solid catalyst
  • increase the surface area
  • the heat resistance and mechanical strength
  • sometimes it also could act as the role of catalyst and cocatalyst
  • alumina carrier as catalyst content is more than the cocatalyst


Alumina catalyst carrier is the support of catalyst.

It is usually porous material,with certain specific surface area,The activity of catalyst is contained.catalyst carrier concept is relative, such as TiO2, sometimes need other carrier to load TiO2, but sometimes can be used as a carrier to load other catalysts.

Alumina catalyst support sense

The alumina catalyst support in the true sense we think that the reaction is inert. The purpose of using carrier is to bear and load active component, reduce the use amount of active components (especially the precious metals), and improve the catalytic performance of active component.

Catalyst support is one of the composition of load type catalyst. The catalytic activity of the group share the load on the carrier surface. The carrier is mainly used to support the active component, The catalyst has certain physical properties, and generally do not have catalytic activity carrier itself. Most of the carrier is the catalyst in the industrial products, commonly alumina carrier and silica gel carrier.

what is alumina catalyst carrier?

what is alumina catalyst support?

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