Nested protective agent (proppant)

The Nested protective agent (proppant) is a new environmentally friendly and energy-saving product which can completely replace porcelain balls and porcelain balls with openings.

The products are mainly made of high-purity alumina and pseudo-boehmite which are fired at high temperature , Which has excellent properties of high strength, high specific surface area and high porosity and can effectively load the weight of other beds in the reaction tower.

Due to its unique dense mesh structure and larger specific surface area, the gas and liquid flowing through the finely-cut can be maximally cut so that the contact and heat exchange between the cold hydrogen and the feedstock oil are more sufficient. After entering the main catalyst bed Layer distribution more evenly. Nested protective agent (proppant) products much larger porosity than the porcelain ball, a unique arc surface design, making any contact form is the point or line to improve the effective rate of contamination to further improve the gas-liquid Horizontal distribution, the porosity increased to more than 80%,

so that the flow of gas and liquid flow through the reactor cover and support layer more slowly, so mix and mix more fully and effectively reduce the bed pressure drop. Therefore, the neoprotector (proppant) products have the advantages of ceramic ball incomparable, the entire operation of the device, no matter from the energy saving and running time, etc. have the absolute advantage.

According to user requirements to produce different aluminum content (20-80%) of the products, while the product has a ceramic ball corresponding to the various models, including: Φ3mm, Φ6mm, Φ10mm, Φ13mm, Φ16mm, Φ19mm and so on.


specificaiton Surface arem2/m3  void volume% Average compressive strength(N/cm) dulk density t/m3
ф25×13 1540 73.6 500 0.6-0.75
ф18×10 1544 72.8 500 0.6-0.8
ф13×10 1627 72.2 300 0.7-1.1
ф9×5 1655 71.8 300 0.95-1.15
ф6×5 1664 70.3 300 0.95-1.15
ф3×4 1673 68.5 300 0.95-1.20

Note: Different aluminum content of product bulk density is inconsistent


specificaiton Surface are m2/m3 void volume% Dry weight, water absorption Average compressive strengthN/cm dulk density t/m3
ф18×10 1544 72.8 30-45 400 0.7-0.9
ф13×10 1627 72.2 30-45 300 0.9-1.1
ф9×5 1655 71.8 30-45 300 0.95-1.15
ф6×5 1664 70.3 30-50 300 0.95-1.15
ф3×4 1673 68.5 30-50 200 0.95-1.20

Note: Different aluminum content of product bulk density is inconsistent


result FW-02 Analytical method
shape honeycomb Visual inspection
outside diameter mm Ф18/Ф13/Ф10/Ф6/Ф3 Vernier caliper
chemical composition % Al2O3>70% GB6900-86
Fe2O3 <0.1 GB6900-86
MoO3 1.0~2.0 Colorimetric method
NiO 0.6~1.2 Colorimetric method
Physical properties
 Compressive strength N/cm >100 HG/T 2782
Mercury pressure pore volume mL/g 0.20~0.30 Mercury injection method
water absorption % 30-55
Natural packing density g/cm3 0.70~1.05 Cylinder method

Note: The active metal content and composition according to the specific circumstances


Items test method
ф3×4 ф6×5 ф9×5 ф13×10 ф18×10 Analytical method
shape cross honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb Visual inspection
diameter mm D3.0~4.0 D6.0~7.0 D9.0~10.5 D12.5~14.0 D17.5~19.5 Q/SY SHY 0015-2012
dulk density g/cm3 0.60~0.70 0.60~0.70 0.55~0.65 0.55~0.65 0.50~0.60 GB/T 6286
Radial crush strength N/cm ≥100 ≥150 ≥150 ≥150 ≥200 HG/T 2782
Pore volume ml/g ≥0.4 ≥0.4 ≥0.4 ≥0.4 ≥0.4 BET
BET m2/g ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 BET
MoO% 4.0~8.0 4.0-6.0 4.0-6.0 4.0~6.0 2.0-3.0 Colorimetric method
NiO 2.0~3.0 1.5-2.5 1.5-2.5 1.5~2.5 1.0-2.0 Colorimetric method

Note: The active metal content and composition according to the specific circumstances

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