extrudates catalyst carrier

Extrudates catalyst carrier catalyst support

extrudates catalyst carrier catalyst support
extrudates catalyst carrier catalyst support

Other name: cylinder catalyst carrier,catalyst carrier bar,catalyst carrier round

Extrudates catalyst carrier LS-Z-1

  1.  Performance: The main component iaalumina.The others are one or more modified additives,low impurity contents such as  Iorn,sodium and excellent physical-chemical properties.
  2. Application: It is a raw material of catalyst carrier for petroleumhydrocarbonhytrotreating and fine chemical industry.

Extrudates catalyst carrier package,storage& transportation

  • 100Kg net weight for each barrel, inner lined with plastic bags, outer with galvanizing barrels (also can be packed according to the customer’s need).
  • Stord in the ventilating dry warehouse and kept away from moisture and other substance.
  • Necessary measures shall be taken to protect the product against moisture,rain and crushing during transportation.
particle shape extrudates cylinder bar round
particle diameter mm 1~5
length mm 2~10
crush strength N/Grain ≥120
Packed bulk density g/ml 0.45~0.9
pore volume ml/g 0.4~0.75
surface area M2/g ≥150
Na2O % ≤0.1