Aluminum sulfate method pseudoboehmite

Aluminum sulfate method pseudoboehmite alumina powder

Aluminum sulfate method pseudoboehmite alumina powder

pseudoboehmite alumina powder chemical composition(XRF)

  LS-102B LS-102D
Na2O/% 0.07max 0.07max
Fe2O3/% 0.07max 0.07max
SO42-/% 1.5max 1.5max
SiO2/% 0.1max 0.1max
dry basis/% 65min 65min

pseudoboehmite alumina powder pore structure(gas sorption techniques/600℃,3h

Surface Area/m2·g-1 300-350 280-320
Pore Volume/ml·g-1 0.8-1.0 1.0-1.2
Pore Size/nm 6~8 8~10

pseudoboehmite alumina powder particle size(laser particle size analyzer)

  LS-102B LS-102D
<25μm/% 40max 40max
<45μm/% 55max 55max
>90μm/% 18max 18max

Pseudoboehmite alumina powder Performance: This product is a high-purity alumina,withlowimpurity contents such as Iron, sodium. It is with excellent physical-chemical properties

Pseudoboehmite alumina powder application

This product is the suitable raw material of catalyst carrier for petroleum hydrocarbon hytrotreating and fine chemical industry.

Pseudoboehmite alumina powder package, storage & transportation

  • 20 Kg net weight for each bag, inner lined with plastic bags, outer with woven bag (also can be packed according to the customer’s need).
  • Stord in the ventilating dry warehouse and kept away from moisture and other substance.
  • Necessary measures shall be taken to protect the product from moisture and rain during transportation.