activated alumina catalyst

Activated alumina catalyst

Activated alumina is good catalyst or catalyst carrier for petrochemical, hydride sulfurization, low temperature shift catalyst, and so on.

Other name catalyst carrier,catalystic alumina,catalyst support,gamma alumina catalyst.gamma alumina carrier,γ alumina catalyst,γ alumina catalyst carrier.

Activated alumina catalyst advantage

  • stable surface area
  • high compressive strength
  • low abrasion
  • proper pore structure
  • low impurities
  • good active impregnation 
  • other good properties etc

Activated alumina catalyst mainly composed 

Gamma activated alumina

Activated alumina catalyst produced by the speedy dewatering process and false water alumina gel produced by continuous carbonization method and adopts our unique advanced molding technology. 

Our company offer Activated alumina catalyst advantage

  • different crystal phases
  • different pore volume
  • diameter and content of impurities according to user requirements

Characteristics of activated alumina catalyst

  • Stable surface area
  • High compressive strength
  • low dust and abrasion
  • Good active impregnation
  • Low impurity
  • Different application and shapes
  • We could do the gamma (γ) alumina catalyst as your required requirement

Activated alumina catalyst Storage:

  1. void moisture, avoid scrolling, throw and sharp shocking during transportation, rainproof facilities should be readied..
  2. It should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouseto prevent contamination or moisture.

Activated alumina catalyst Package:

  • Plastic bag    25kgs/55lbs
  • Drum           25kgs/55lbs
  • Drum             150 kgs/ 330 lbs
  • Super sack/Jumbo bag   750kgs/1650lbs    750kgs/1650lbs  1000kgs/ 2200 lbs