4%-10% activated alumina ball Potassium Permanganate KMnO4

4%-10% activated alumina ball Potassium Permanganate KMnO4


Ethylene Gas Absorber Activated Alumina Ball KMnO4 For Fruit Preservation Description:

Activated potassium permanganate ball is a deep processing product of activated alumina, it is made by special activated alumina carrier, and goes through high temperature solution pressurization, decompression and other processes. Compared with similar products, It has more than twice adsorption capacity and high strength and long life span.

Widely Usage of Activated Potassium Permangarnate(KMnO4) Ball:

Activated Potassium Permangarnate(KMnO4) Ball has strong oxidizing properties, which can make harmful gas oxidized and decomposed. It has high removal efficiency for harmfull gases such as hydrogen sulfide(H2S), sulfur dioxide(SO2), chlorine(CL2), formaldehyde(HCHO), and nitric oxide. As it can also absorp Ethylene, Wildely used for fruit or vegetables preservation.

  • SO2 removal
  • Cl2 removal
  • Formaldehyde removal
  • H2S removal
  • Gas Absorb
  • Fruit Preservation

Different Particle Size Show Of Activated Potassium Permanganate(KMnO4) Ball:

 Product are produced into different Particle size to meet Unique use. If you have special request for the partical size, we can customize it for you.

 Analysis item  Data
 Al2O3  ≥80%
KMnO4 5%~8%
Particle Size  1~3mm; 3~5mm
 Bulk Density  0.9g/cm³
 Surface Area ≥200 m²/g
 Pore Volume ≥0.38cm³/g
 Crushing Strength ≥90
 Hardness  ≥90%
Moisture  ≤ 10%