Special Pseudo Boehmite pseudobohemite

Special pseudo boehmite 

ls-p-df-10 is a middle density,large pore size pseudo-boehmite product,with the character of high purity,large pore volume,uniform pore size distribution and good acid-soluble.

For the large pore volume,specific surface area,good thermal stability,ls-P-DF-10 has good formability,high strength and good wear resistance characteristics,which is widely used in hydrocracking, hydrotreating,hydrogenation refining catalyst.

(%) Chemical composition  
Fe2O3   ≤0.04
Na2O   ≤0.1
SO42-   ≤1.0
LOI (%)   ≤30
  Physical character  
(%,XRD)   ≤3                        
pore volum(ml/g,BET)   0.9-1.1
 BET(m2/g,BET)   ≥280    
  Phase transformation  
     350-450℃                 P-DF-10    → γ-Al2O3
     800-900℃                 γ-Al2O3    → θ-Al2O3
     1100-1600℃               θ-Al2O3        → α-Al2O3