Micro-size Catalyst Carrier Catalyst support Spheres

Micro-size Catalyst Carrier Catalyst support Spheres

Micro-sphere catalyst carrier

In the catalyst carrier world, one size does not fit all. Catalysts and catalyst carriers are instrumental in increasing the rate of specific chemical reactions. Porous carriers are the norm in most applications playing an important role optimizing chemical reactions. Internal surface area and porosity are two critical physical properties, among others, that are frequently tailored to a specific catalyst and chemical reaction. The shape and size of the catalyst carrier must also be optimized to balance pressure drop and external geometric surface area.


There is a growing demand for small-diameter (less than 3mm) spherical catalyst carriers, which provide high-geometric surface area, uniform packing, and even flow distribution. These carriers should be available in refractory metal oxides commonly used as catalyst carriers, such as alumina, rare-earth metal oxides, zirconia, titania and combinations thereof. Such carriers, with a broad range of physical properties and chemical compositions, are not commercially available.


Focus Catalyst Carrier Spheres recently introduced Focus spheres, spherical catalyst carriers available from 0.3mm to 3.5mm. Focus spheres can now be developed, prototyped and taken to large-scale production with tight adherence to specifications and high-level quality control. These small spheres are effectively used, for example, in slurry or moving-bed reactors, where coking and constant catalyst regeneration is required. Focus sphere catalyst carriers may also be used effectively in micro-channel reactor configurations where small particles of narrow size distribution are critical for efficient and uniform packing.

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