High purity green silicon carbide carrier

High purity green silicon carbide carrier

Our products effectively overcome the bed resistance, high temperature hot spots and other issues;

It is mainly based on green silicon carbide as the main material of the scientific formula, the rational use of some inert kaolin refractory materials and then add a small amount of additives, through scientific formula and special high-temperature sintering environment, the shape of the ring carrier , Good thermal conductivity, bed resistance to facilitate the increase of air flow, hot temperature is low, a balanced distribution of hot spots

widely used in various types of precious metal catalyst as a carrier.

  • Maleic anhydride
  • Pyridine
  • Fumaric acid
  • Isomerization of n-alkanes
  • Low temperature desulfurization
  • Exhaust gas purification
  • Isomerization of linear alkanes and other devices

Product performance characteristics

The product has excellent physical and chemical properties; corrosion resistance, high strength, low specific surface, high wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal reduction, high load resistance, bed resistance and long service life , It is not easy to interact with the active ingredients.

It is suitable for some high temperature, strong corrosion and other harsh reaction conditions used,

The use of high temperature conditions will not produce temperature swing caused by the catalyst active components scorched caking,

This carrier is the best carrier choice for producing special catalyst products.

high purity SiC carrier technical indicators

Item Result
main component  high purity sic additives
color green
shape ring 
dulk density g/ml 0.71-0.75
specific surface area m2/g 0.1-0.2
Porosity >86%
Na2O   ≤0.3%
Product pressure intensity Longitudinal≥10kg/grain
Point pressure horizontal ≥5kg/grain

SiC carrier specification

Item outside diameter mm inside diameter mm high mm
1# Φ8.0mm±0.3mm Φ4.0mm±0.25mm 5.0mm±0.1mm
2# Φ7.0mm±0.25mm Φ4mm±0.25mm 4.0mm±0.1mm
3# Φ6.0mm±0.2mm Φ3.0mm±0.2mm 5.0mm±0.1mm
4# Φ5.0mm±0.2mm Φ2.5mm±0.1mm 5.0mm±0.1mm


20kg, 25kg, 30kg double moisture-proof woven bag, paper bucket, iron bucket, plastic bucket.