High purity and low sodium boehmite

High purity and low sodium boehmite LSB-01 applications:

1. As ink-absorbing materials can be applied to RC photo paper, light boxes, wide format printing, film and other inkjet printing materials, the substrate can be PE, PP, PET, PVC and so on.
2. As an additive can also be used for coatings, ceramics, textiles, paper and other industries.

Granularity can be adjusted according to customer needs

index Al2O3≤% SiO2≤% Fe2O3≤% Na2O≤% L.O.I≤% D50 um
LSB-1 83 0.025 0.01 0.025 16.95 15~30
LSB-2 82 0.3 0.012 0.04 17.1 30~50



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