Al2O3 15~22% inert ceramic balls

Ceramics offer Al2O3 15~22% ceramic balls as catalyst carrier or catalyst support

Inert ceramic balls are to increase the distribution spots of gas or liquid , widely utilized as the covering or supporting materials of the catalyst in the reactors and the packing in the column in such varies areas as petroleum , chemical industry , chemical fertilizer, natural gas and support or protect the active catalyst , which especially have the comparatively lower mechanical strength

al2o3 15~22% inert ceramic balls chemical composition

Al2O3 SiO2 Al2O3+ SiO2 MgO K2O+Na2O CaO TiO2 Leachable Fe2O3
15-22% <80% >95% <2.5% <4% <1.5% <0.5 <0.1%

Al2o3 15~22% inert ceramic balls physical properties

Items Proportion Items Proportion
Bulk gravity (g/cm3) 2.2-2.4 Water Absorption (%) <0.9
Ignition loss (%) =<0.3% Moh’s hardness (scale) >=6.5
Heat resistance (℃) Up to 980 Alkali Resistance(%) >80
Acid Resistance(%) >98 Roundness(Max.Dia/Mix.Dia) <1.25

catalyst support inert ceramic geometric properties

Diameter Diameter range Crushing strength  (kg/particle) Bulk weight 
(mm) (kg/m3)
1/4” 5~8 >55 1455