Activated alumina Regenerated Catalyst Of Hydrogen Peroxide By Anthraquinone

Activated alumina regenerated catalyst of hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinone

  • Process of hydrogen peroxide production by anthraquinone process manufacturing, using activated alumina as the adsorbent can enhance the degradation and regeneration of anthraquinone derivatives for lower the cost
  • Activated alumina adsorbent can remove the alkali, to promote the oxidation reduction reaction,reduction of anthraquinone quantity.
Chemical composition% apparentdensity BET Pore volume crushing strength
g/ml m2/g ml/g N/Grain
Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O L.O.I       (φ3—5mm)
        6 0.72 180 0.4 100