activated alumina balls with KMnO4

Activated alumina balls with KMnO4 description

activated alumina balls with KMnO4
activated alumina balls with KMnO4

Potassium permanganate is black and purple, elongated prismatic crystal or granules with blue metallic luster; odorless; contact with certain organic or reducing agents, prone to explode, soluble in water, lye , Slightly soluble in methanol, acetone, sulfuric acid, molecular formula KMnO4, molecular weight of 158.03400. Melting point is 240 ° C, stable, but contact with flammable materials may cause a fire. The substances to be avoided include reducing agents, strong acids, organic materials, flammable materials, peroxides, alcohols and chemically active metals.

In the production of chemicals, it is widely used as an oxidizing agent, for example, as an oxidizing agent for saccharin, vitamin C, isoniazid and benzoic acid; used as a preservative, disinfectant, deodorant and antidote in medicine; And waste water treatment, the water treatment agent to oxidize hydrogen sulfide, phenol, iron, manganese and organic, inorganic and other pollutants, control odor and decolorization; in gas purification, can remove trace sulfur, arsenic, phosphorus , Silanes, boranes and sulfides; in mining metallurgy, for the separation of molybdenum from copper, zinc and cadmium in the impurity removal, and compound flotation of the oxidant; also used for special fabrics, wax, grease and resin Bleach, adsorbents for gas masks, wood and copper colorants.

Activated alumina balls with KMnO4 specificaiton

Item Unit Technical requirement
Particle size mm 2-4 3-5 4-6
AL2O3 % ≥80 ≥80 ≥80
KMnO4 % 6-10 6-10 6-12
Bulk density g/ml 0.85-0.9 0.85-0.9 0.85-0.9
Surface area ㎡/g ≥250 ≥250 ≥250
Pore Volume ml/g ≥0.42 ≥0.42 ≥0.42
Crushing Strength (N/Particle) N/particle ≥50 ≥80 ≥100
Pressure Drop @ 50 fpm (0.25 m/s):   1.0 in. of water/ft. of bed 1.0 in. of water/ft. of bed 1.0 in. of water/ft. of bed
H2S Capacity g/ml 0.85-1.2 0.85-1.2 0.85-1.2