high-purity boehmite is γ AlO (OH)

high-purity boehmite

γ AlO (OH)

The composition of high-purity boehmite is γ AlO (OH), a chemical formula of Al 2 O 3 .H 2 O, containing 85% of Al 2 O 3, often iron and gallium.
Orthorhombic system. Crystal rare, often cryptocrystalline block or colloidal. White or microstrip yellow. Shiny glass Hardness 3.5. Cleave parallel {010} completely. The density of 3.01 ~ 3.06 g / cm ^ 3, mainly formed in the exogenous role, is the main mineral composition of bauxite. Occasionally also have hydrothermal causes. Aluminum is an important ore minerals, while the comprehensive utilization of gallium.
Chemical composition of AlO (OH), the crystal is orthorhombic (orthorhombic) crystal system and crystallized into γ-phase hydroxide minerals. And the crystallization of α-phase into the diaspore homogeneous multi-elephant. Formerly known as boehmite, boehmite or boehmite. The name of the German chemist J. Bohm, first to know the gamma-AlO (OH) species, was named. Crystal was very small lens. Usually loose or bean-shaped aggregate output. White, shiny glass, with a complete surface cleavage, Morse hardness of 3.5 to 4, the proportion of 3.11. Boehmite is mainly exogenic, is the main mineral composition of bauxite, but also as a product of hydrothermal interaction in alkaline pegmatite.

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